official-nhl needs to chill. who are they. i am clearly the one true face of the nhl

The true face of the NHL





Official-nhl’s “article,” in which he claims responsibility for creating a hockey fandom on tumblr, is basically just him saying, “Oh this demographic of young women are only fans because I made them fans. This community only exists because I made it so. Women aren’t real sports fans, they’re just a mindless mass I’ve been leading for the past four years.”

When will men stop disparaging female sports fans? When will they stop pretending we can’t think for ourselves? When will they stop taking credit for our passions and achievements?

Honestly it’s disgusting, this idea he has of himself as the sole reason all these women on tumblr are hockey fans.

Hockey fandom on tumblr is a community of strong, opinionated, and passionate women who love this sport because WE love this sport, not because some dude with a computer made gifs faster than anyone else. Don’t belittle us, and don’t try to take credit for a community WE built and a passion that is ours, not something you manufactured.



"I’m the TRUE face of the NHL"



EVERY FAN IS THE FACE OF THE NHL!!! Your follower count or how many notes your posts get doesn’t make you anymore or any less of a fan than someone else. It doesn’t make your blog more or less superior than someone elses. We’re here to have fun and blog about our teams or express our desires to want to punch them in their faces when they aren’t playing to their potential. At the end of the day, no matter what team you root for we’re all here for the same reason, to show our love for our teams and the game itself.
Dougie Hamilton's first period goal and first goal of the season 10|18|14

1st career NHL shut out for Svedberg. *tear drops* So proud!

Ahhh, that sweet feeling of being up by multiple goals during intermission.